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October 13, 2008

Finding Finn

Finding Finn

In an economic crisis, museums are among the first institutions to lose their financial foothold. But the Mark Twain House and Museum has managed to keep afloat during one of Wall Street's gloomiest periods in history - even though it was once in deep financial distress.

Writer Jon Clinch is helping to raise money for the Twain House. Clinch first became mesmerized by Twain as a 10 year old reading Huckleberry Finn with a flashlight in his pup tent. Twain's grip on him has never loosened. Clinch even wrote his own book, Finn, as an homage to Twain.

Jon Clinch talks with host Dick Gordon about his love of the Twain House, and how working to save it has changed Clinch's understanding of the legendary American writer.

Tough Job - Senior Prosecutor

Among the tough jobs people choose as professions, there's one that no one really want to think about: prosecutors of serious crimes against women and children. Kimberly Esmond-Adams became a prosecutor in 2002. She says that the work is hard because the kinds of things that the people are accused of is hard for most of us to believe. Kimberly talks with Dick Gordon about how she manages to control her anger in cases where a family member is accused of raping a child and why she decided to become a prosecutor against her father's wishes.


Mark Twain: Original Soundtrack Recording album

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