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October 23, 2008

Globetrotting Versus Grassroots

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Globetrotting v. Grassroots

The 2008 presidential campaign is nearing its final days. It's been notable for engaging many Americans - young people in particular - with politics for the first time. Kweku Toure knows what it's like to feel politically inspired and work for a presidential hopeful. Fresh out of college, he was walking the streets of Washington, D.C. handing out resumes, when he wandered into the office of the Reverend Jesse Jackson. That very day he became a volunteer, and he eventually had his dream job: traveling with Jesse Jackson all over the world.

It was a heady taste of national and international politics, but ultimately not enough for Kweku. Two years later, he decided the best way to make real political change was not at the top, but at the bottom, and he left Jackson's office to work at the grassroots level.

The Election

Adam Trotter learned a big civics lesson in the 4th grade - his teacher ran a mock presidential election. Adam was cast in the role of the governor from Georgia and his best friend was the governor of California. Fierce campaigning ensued and the best friends found themselves at odds. Adam wrote his own debate speech ... but after hearing the speech of his opponent, he had a sneaking suspicion his friend's dad had helped just a little too much. The results of the election changed Adam's mind dramatically about how we elect candidates.

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