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October 27, 2008


Diane and James, with rolling pins and dough
Dianne Reinhardt and one of her employees, James

A Good Risk

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A Good Risk

When Dianne Reinhardt hears politicians talking about how badly American business owners need credit, she wonders why. Her small artisan bakery outside of Atlanta is thriving without much credit at all. She says she runs her business like a family budget: she doesn't spend money she doesn't have. When the price of an ingredients goes up, she simply cuts it out of the recipe - or she makes smaller loaves.

Her prudence is more than about money, though. Before she was a business owner, Dianne was a nurse. She saw too many people die before living out their dreams. Dianne talks with Dick Gordon about how she built her bakery and how she plans to keep it strong, even in this economy.

My Own Personal Bailout

Kip de Moll thought he was rescuing himself and his business when he signed the papers to refinance his home. But troubles in his home remodeling company had ruined his credit, and all he was eligible for was a subprime loan. That loan gave him 3 years to straighten out his credit before his mortgage payments went up. When they did go up, he wasn't ready. Kip tells Dick how he lost everything. Yet to his surprise, Kip says he's much happier now.

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