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October 07, 2008


adrian on the front porch
Adrian Moreno sitting at home

Home In A Vacant Lot

Home In A Vacant Lot

Even before the economy started to slide, Adrian Moreno was engaged in an experiment to get by on much less. He moved his family to a vacant lot on the far outskirts of San Diego within earshot of the Mexican border. At first, they lived in a tepee. When that didn't work out, Adrian built a house on the property for about $10,000. Adrian talks with Dick Gordon about how he - an archaeologist - taught himself construction and the art of living lightly.

The Right to Vote

Heather Sticka voted for the first time in the 1996 presidential election. Then she fell in with the wrong crowd and ended up taking part in a bank robbery. After her conviction, she lost the right to vote. Heather hasn't cast a ballot in twelve years. But her home state of Nebraska now allows felons who have completed their sentences to vote. As she tells Dick, her dream of finally feeling that she's a citizen again is about to come true.

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