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October 29, 2008

Lessons From An African Entrepreneur

LEssons From An African Entrepreneur

Eva Muraya is a successful entrepreneur in Kenya. Her entry into the business world came only after a great personal tragedy - the loss of her husband. As she tells Dick Gordon, she took the risk in part because he'd always told her she'd be great. Now Eva's success is inspiring other Kenyans, particularly young women, and she's been recognized with several international awards. She shares her experience, and some advice for America's business leaders.


Aaron Willis wrote us the following note: "I am a Child Welfare Specialist in rural Oklahoma conducting investigations of child abuse and neglect. Every time I tell someone what I do the standard response is 'I could never do that job!' I'm thinking this career would be a great one to feature in your Tough Jobs segment; it's incredibly "tough" but also has the potential for great reward. The work invariably changes one's world view!" Aaron tells Dick how his own world view has changed.

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