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October 06, 2008

The Perfect Industry

THe Perfect Industry

Amy Crooks thought she had a great job in the perfect industry. She was a mortgage broker. But the crisis in the mortgage industry has caused havoc throughout the economy, and many mortgage brokers like Amy have now lost their jobs. Amy was well compensated, but since being laid off from her job, she has found that being a former mortgage broker is not doing her any favors.  As she tells Dick Gordon, she has even seen job postings that explicitly state "mortgage brokers need not apply." 

Medicine At Any Cost

Julie De Lara's son had suffered terrible seizures since he was a baby. When she finally found some medicine that could help him, she was ready to go get it immediately. It was at the home of a nurse. When Julie arrived, it appeared that no one was home. So she opened the door a crack and three German Shepherds lunged at her, baring their fangs. Julie tells Dick about what she did to get the medicine for her son.

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