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October 10, 2008

Still A Target

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Still A Target

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the murder of Matthew Shepard, a gay college student in Wyoming. Over the last year, violence against gay people has increased 24 percent. Geo Vaughan has found out how hate-motivated attacks against the gay community are thriving. In August, Geo was looking for a nightclub in the Chelsea district of Manhattan - an area known to be gay-friendly. When he got a bit lost, he asked a group of young men for directions. They assaulted him when they realized he was gay.

Geo talks to Dick Gordon about being gay bashed and how speaking out against it has changed his life.


The Dodgers lost their season opener last night against the Phillies. Dick talks with a Dodgers fan, Jim Trelease. Jim wrote in to tell us that he's always been a fan of the team - the players, the drama of the game, and especially the announcing of Vin Scully. One day, a complete stranger arranged a meeting between Jim and his childhood hero. Jim has never forgotten his meeting with the voice of the Dodgers, or what he learned that day.

Update:  Her Last Vote

At the end of today's show, Dick has an update on the quest of Suzanne McDaniel Hayes to cast the final vote of her life. Suzanne is terminally ill with cancer, but is still determined to vote in this year's election. She talked with Dick last week about how frustrating it was trying to get an absentee ballot delivered to her.

Her perseverance paid off. On Wednesday, October 8, Suzanne was finally able to cast her vote, even though she'd lost the ability to speak.

Suzanne passed away peacefully on Saturday, October 11.

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