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October 31, 2008

To Walk Or Not To Walk

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Cristina Smith

To Walk Or Not

Sometimes, taking a political stand demands more than going to the polls - especially if you're not old enough to vote. In 1968, Diana and Richard Herrera were high school students in San Antonio, frustrated with the poor conditions in their school. A group of students organized a walkout. Parents and teachers did everything they could to dissuade them, so for the students it came down to a choice: walk or not.

Diana and Richard were just dating then, and they made different choices. Richard walked out, while Diana didn't. Their choices ended up defining their lives, especially their views on politics and activism.

Memories Of A Riot

 Tom Hergert was 16 when he and his buddies went to protest a speech by George Wallace in Omaha. Tom was prepared for the political message he heard. What he wasn't prepared for was the violence that followed - and how it would change his perspective on politics forever.

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