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November 10, 2008

A Car Dealer's Loss

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Cristina Smith

A Car Dealer's Loss

While the future of the Big Three automakers - Ford, GM and Chrysler - remains uncertain, many auto-related business have already failed. Car dealerships across the country have been going under in unprecedented numbers.

Joseph Pfeffer closed the doors on his 66-year-old car dealership last month, after getting notice that the bank could no longer provide financing. After nearly 7 decades in the business, spanning wars and debilitating recessions, Joseph can't believe what he's facing: letting go of 50 employees and facing the emptiness of the day before him.

Dangerous Job: Taxi Driver

Assaults and robberies of taxi drivers are on the rise. Cab drivers are 60 times more likely to be murdered than people doing any other job. Cabbie Roy Carlson was nearly killed last spring when a teenage passenger attacked him. After she refused to pay the fare, the 15-year-old girl cut Roy's throat and nearly severed his carotid artery. She was released from a juvenile facility after serving only 3 months. Roy talks with Dick Gordon about his split-second decision to chase the girl after being attacked - and how his view of passengers has changed.

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