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November 18, 2008

Fears For Congo

Fears For Congo

One alarming note in all the bloody upheaval happening in eastern Congo is that rebel leader Laurent Nkunda has made his overarching political ambitions clear: he would like to overthrow Congo's present government and assume control of the country itself - even if that means marching on Kinshasa, thousands of miles to the west. Kambale Musavuli was a teenager when rebels overtook Kinshasa in 1996. He tells Dick Gordon about how the fear he felt then is still with him, as he watches what's happening now.


Kim Kutcher is a nurse, and after years of lifting patients and working long hours, her back wore out. Her doctors recommended surgically inserting an artificial disk into her spine, and Kim's health insurance eventually approved the procedure. However, after the surgery, they classified the procedure as experimental and refused to pay the $137,000 bill. Now Kim is paying the hospital out-of-pocket. Kim talks with Dick Gordon about why she refuses to stop demanding reimbursement from the insurance company even after several denials.


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