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November 25, 2008


Kelly Fern with her oldest birth sister, Whasoon, 1970

Finding Her Birth Family

Finding Her Birth Family

Kelly Fern was born in South Korea, the fourth of six children. Her parents gave her up for adoption when she was 5, with the hope that she would be fed and educated. Kelly grew up in Rochester, Minn., distant from her Korean roots and with a mental picture of her Korean family that turned out not to match reality. Last year she received a letter that changed her perception of her family and herself. She flew to Korea for the first time to be reunited with her family after 37 years.

YOUR STORY - The Match

Bill Munro struggled as a child to fit in. He was born to a poor family and also had a birth defect - clubfoot. Bill got his feet fixed by a famous surgeon when he was 8 years old. Then, in junior high, Bill decided to join the wrestling team,  even though he weighed only 65 pounds. During Bill's first wrestling tournament, he determined that he would not let his opponent pin him. At a moment of struggle, Bill looked up in the stands and saw his father as though in slow motion. That moment has stayed with him ever since. He tells the story to his own son, urging him to not be limited by any perceived disabilities.

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