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November 05, 2008


black and white image, briscoe with football
Marlin Briscoe

A First On The Football Field

First On The Football Field

As Barack Obama becomes the first African American President of the United States, Dick Gordon talks to another black leader who was a first - on the football field.

Marlin Briscoe was a star quarterback in high school and college. But in the 1960s, no black quarterback had led a team in the NFL. Marlin got his chance when he was drafted as a defensive player by the Denver Broncos. He played one season as quarterback before he was pulled from the position and never played quarterback again.

Marlin talks with Dick Gordon about his own successes and failures, and what Obama's win last night means to him.

  • See The Magician, an upcoming movie based on the story of Marlin Briscoe

Post-Election Cleanup

Working on a political campaign is an intense experience, to say the least. Many campaign workers sacrifice their social lives and their sleep to work countless hours for their candidate. So what's it like for campaign volunteers after the election ends in defeat? In 2004, Alina Johnson joined the John Kerry campaign because of an interest in stem cell research. She talks to Dick about what happened on the day after the election results came in and the campaign she'd fought for came to an end.

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