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November 03, 2008


Aredelia Edmondson (95) and her son Frank talk about the experience of voting

Her First Vote

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Her First Vote

Aredelia Edmondson never voted. She is 95 years old. She has occasionally been interested in politics, but raising 13 children and grandchildren has kept her extremely busy. She also felt that "what will be, will be." But in this election, her caregiver noticed Aredelia watching TV. She seemed to be warming up to one candidate in particular. The two ladies registered on the same day and voted together. Aredelia tells Dick Gordon what it was about this election that inspired her to vote for the very first time.

The Election At Middle School

Dave and Terrie Kocienda are voting Republican this presidential election. They wanted to put a McCain/Palin sign in their yard to show their support, but they weren't prepared for the reaction of their 13-year-old daughter: she burst into tears, fearful of what her friends would think. At school, Obama is clearly the coolest choice. As Madison tells Dick, "being different" took on an unexpected meaning this election year. Her parents say it's made them really have to explain to their kids what voting is all about.

Voting As A Family

The Allen-Niesen family loves politics. In fact, Kim Allen-Niesen has used games like "Debate Bingo" and predicting Super Tuesday winners on tally sheets to creatively engage her children. But this election is more than a game for her 14-year-old son Kyle. He managed to convert three conservative Republicans to vote for Barack Obama in the primary election - his grandmother and two church youth leaders. Kyle talks to Dick about his mission to convert Republicans to vote for Obama. And his mother Kim shares how this presidential election has strengthened their family bond.

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