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November 07, 2008

Kenyan Connection

Kenyan Connection

Americans are not the only ones reacting to the historic election of Barack Obama. People all over the world have been paying close attention to the American election, particularly in Kenya where Obama's father was born.

Dick Gordon recently talked with Eva Muraya, who lives in Kenya, about how buying a printing business changed her life. Madhu Shah sold her that business. Madhu now lives in North Carolina. When he heard Eva's story on the radio, he immediately called us. Madhu and Eva talk to Dick about how their lives have changed since their paths crossed seven years ago - and what it means to them to see Americans elect a president with Kenyan roots.

Remembering Studs

Studs Terkel, the great journalist and oral historian, died last week at his home in Chicago. Over the course of his long life, he interviewed thousands of ordinary Americans. One of them was Mark Larson. At the time Studs interviewed him, Mark was struggling as a liberal white teacher in a diverse city school. Things got so bad that both parents and students were calling Mark a racist.

Mark talks to Dick about what he discovered about himself and his experience from talking to Studs. That interview changed his view of his students and, as he tells Dick, transformed his teaching forever.

  • Learn more about Studs Terkel
  • Read Mark Larson's interview (pseudonym Peter Soderstrom) in Terkel's book "Race"

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