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November 26, 2008

One Lost Job

One Lost Job

Ramier Shaikh is one of many who tied his dreams to the promise of the American economy. He left India in 1996, full of ambition to become successful, get married and support his aging father back home. He earned two degrees in engineering and quickly rose up the ranks in the auto industry. He also started a lawn care business on the side, employing immigrants and refugees. Then the dream ended. As he tells Dick Gordon, Ramier is losing his job, and may now pursue his dreams in another country.

The Forest Hill Fiasco

Vesta Foshee died peacefully in the early hours of July 1, 2006. Her son, Donald, who cared for her in her final years, thought he had one less care when he called the funeral home that morning. Vesta had prepaid her funeral expenses in 1979. Donald found, instead, that his burdens were just beginning. Clayton Smart, the new owner of Forest Hill Funeral Home, had decided that very day to invalidate over 13,000 prepaid funeral plans. As he tells Dick, Don is still struggling with the repercussions of that decision.


American Pie performed by Guitarra for the album Guitarra, Vol. 2; Tennessee Waltz performed by The Appalachian Pickers, for the album Old Timey Country.

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