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December 31, 2008


two men, blue shirts, smiling
Dennis Golay and Larry Gibson

Aging With HIV

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Anita Woodley

Aging With HIV

Drugs that combat HIV have prolonged millions of lives. But for some older people, these drugs are also making them age faster. 

Larry Gibson and Dennis Golay are in their 60s. They've been together for 27 years, and both have felt the side effects from their medications. Dennis lost his teeth, had a heart attack and developed a humped back. Larry's skull protruded outwards and he's undergone numerous facial injections. Despite their wavering health, Larry and Dennis have outlived 60 of their closest friends.

They talk with Dick Gordon about how they maintain their optimism - and how a pact they made two decades ago keeps them moving forward.

Bitten And Still Smitten

Amy Lathrop is a herpetologist: she works with amphibians and reptiles in their habitats. Her work brings her to Vietnam, where this past May she was photographing frogs in an extremely remote jungle.

While on the trail, she came across a green snake — a "Christmas present," she called it, given how difficult it is to find them in the wild. When she tried to photograph it, the snake bit her. Amy tells Dick about her adventures and misadventures with guides, motorcycles and folk remedies while trying to get treated. Despite the ordeal, Amy says would do it all over again.

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