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December 18, 2008

Business Class "Terrorist"

Business class "Terrorist"

The holiday travel season is upon us. One of the most frequent travelers in the country is Mohamed "Mo" Fikry. He's a businessman and likes to joke that he's been on more flights than many pilots.

Mo has seen the best and the worst of peak travel times. The best are the seamless flights where he arrives, does business, and goes home.

But Mo has also been accused of being someone he's not—a potential terrorist with plans to bomb aircraft. And this accusation has been made not once, but twice. He talks with Dick Gordon about his experiences at airports and why he's decided to stop flying with one major airline altogether.

TV Shopping

We are headed into one of the diciest holiday shopping seasons in recent memory. Will consumers open their wallets or not? Meg Favreau knows what makes people buy. Meg worked for a television shopping channel. She talks with Dick about how she got sucked into the vortex of TV commercialism and why she didn't stop customers who were bitten by the bargain bug.

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