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December 22, 2008


Soldier in camoflage in the field looking through a camera or other device
Bobby Allen in Iraq

Call From Iraq

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A recently signed agreement with the Iraqi government set a July 2009 deadline for American combat troop withdrawal from Iraqi cities. But many U.S. troops will likely remain there throughout the coming year. Army combat photographer Bobby Allen is one of them.

Before he left for Iraq, Bobby was a humanities teacher at a small school where he developed many close friendships, including with fellow teacher Amy Burke and student Donisha Allen. His deployment has been hard for them. Every time there’s news about violence in Iraq, Amy gets anxious. She’s only comforted when she sees an email in her inbox with Bobby’s name on it. Donisha calls Bobby her “guardian angel” and neither of them can fathom that Bobby won’t be there this spring to see Donisha receive her high school diploma.

Bobby, Amy and Donisha talk with Dick Gordon about how they manage to stay close while Bobby is gone.

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