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December 17, 2008


Craig Dudnick with arm around Mrs. Viola Hillsman, outside
Craig Dudnick with Mrs. Viola Hillsman

Helping Coach

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Anita Woodley

Helping Coach

When Craig Dudnick first met Mrs. Viola Hillsman, he was just 19. He was a student at Northwestern University - she was the 76-year-old cook in his fraternity house. The two became close friends, and Craig came to depend on Mrs. Hillsman's advice. In fact, he and the other frat boys had nicknamed her "Coach." 

A few years after he graduated, Craig found himself back in Chicago, needing a place to stay. He moved into Coach's basement and soon realized she needed his help. Her husband died, and eventually she developed dementia. Craig ended up caring for Coach for 20 years.

He talks with Dick Gordon about what he learned from Coach, and how their close friendship changed his life.

Fuel Freedom

Two years ago, Kris Lanning filled up the tank of his motor home and got the sticker shock of his life - $350 for a tank of gas. So the self-described "pencil pusher" decided to take on the scientific challenge of making biodiesel at home. He built a double biodiesel processor, and now uses homemade biodiesel to power his furnace, lawnmower, and nearly everything else in his house that runs on fuel. Kris talks with Dick about what it has meant to him to go self-sufficient.

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