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December 12, 2008

A Lamborghini In The Basement

A Lamborghini In The Basement

When news broke that the automaker's bailout had failed in Washington, Republican Senators were blaming unionized workers for being "inflexible". Some in Detroit are blaming the Senators for being too "ideological". Ken and Eileen Imhoff won't fix the US auto industry, but they are a technicolor illustration of our fascination with the automobile.

When Ken Imhoff watched the movie "Cannonball Run" in 1985, there was one thing he couldn't get out of his mind: that Lamborghini. The self-professed car junkie and engineer couldn't afford to buy a Lamborghini, so he built one in the basement of his house in Wisconsin. It took him 17 years, but he finally completed his project in October. He had to remove a basement wall to pull the car out.

Ken and his wife Eileen talk to Dick about the long project and what's left to do. Ken started the car, but he has yet to drive it.

Heisman Footballs

The winner of the 74th Heisman Trophy will be announced this Saturday night. In the 1930s, John Prince’s father Willard came up with the idea to award the best college football player a special trophy. The success of the Heisman Trophy was one of John's father’s greatest accomplishments. And John got to attend dozens of award presentations and meet many of the winners. He also gets a special gift each year -  footballs autographed by the winner. Over the years, those signed footballs have helped him raise funds for a charity dear to his heart: the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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