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December 01, 2008

Latinos And HIV

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Anita Woodley

Latinos and HIV

Today is the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day. Among the many groups struggling to slow the spread of the virus are Latinos. In Los Angeles County, they make up almost half of newly diagnosed HIV/AIDS cases.

After he found out he was HIV positive at 17, Joe Zamora became an activist for gay Latinos and people with HIV in the Los Angeles area. He believed he was making a measurable difference, but a year ago, Joe became disillusioned after seeing healthy Latinos with HIV become overly dependent on social services and purposely having unprotected sex. He talks with Dick Gordon about how sex parties and AIDS myths in the Latino community are fueling the spread of the virus.


Proof Of Citizenship

Part of tightening security in the U.S. has been a new requirement that Americans show a passport when crossing into Mexico. David Hernandez lives near the border. He was born in Texas, served in the military, and he's voted. But when he applied for a passport, he was denied. David was delivered by a midwife. Having found some fraudulent midwife birth certificates in the Rio Grande Valley before, the government is now casting a skeptical eye on that document. David talks with Dick about finding out other people were in the same situation he was, and how he's gone about searching for proof he's American.

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