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December 09, 2008

Losing Gordie

Losing Gordie

Last week, a college freshman died at a fraternity party in California. Although the dangers of alcohol poisoning have been widely publicized, students continue to die from drinking too much. Jack Gilles lost his friend Gordie Bailey just a month into their freshman year at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The two had instantly become friends and decided to pledge the same fraternity. On pledge night, Gordie got drunk and passed out on a couch. No one realized how much danger he was in, and he died sometime in the morning.

Jack now knows that a call to 911 could have saved his friend's life. He talks to Dick Gordon about how he's worked, in Gordie's memory, to try to prevent the same thing from happening to other students.

Your Story: A Walk In The Woods

Even in good times, working in the banking industry has its costs. After years of looking at everything in terms of dollars and cents, Tim Herwig had enough. He yearned to rediscover the man he used to be when he was younger and nothing had a price. The quest took him on a 550-mile hike through the rural Midwest and brought him back to his roots.

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