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December 03, 2008


brothers posing in front of their tank
Mike and Geoffrey Howe and Ripsaw

Out Of The Garage

Out Of The Garage

This week at a science conference in Orlando, Army officials are looking at a new kind of tank. It's a light, unmanned ground vehicle that can be sent into danger spots without risking the lives of soldiers. The tank is called Ripsaw, and it was invented in the garage of twin brothers from Maine.

As they tell Dick Gordon, Mike and Geoffrey Howe have been building things together since they were kids. They built the first Ripsaw from scavenged junkyard parts. Along the way they nearly went broke. Now they have the satisfaction of realizing their dream and winning a million-dollar-plus defense contract.

Tough Job: Transplant Surgeon

Scott Levin is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Duke University. He's pioneered new techniques for bone transplants and consulted with doctors halfway around the world. As he tells Dick, the job has both costs and rewards. Scott talks about the stress, and the time he helped a wounded soldier in Iraq - from his office in Durham, N.C.

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