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December 02, 2008

A Tourist And Terrorists

A Tourist and Terrorists

Stunned tourists are now returning from Mumbai after a shockingly close brush with terrorism. Back in 1970, Rich Preyer was on a return flight from Europe when a group of terrorists boarded the plane. He and the other passengers narrowly escaped with their lives. In the years since, Rich has thought often about his chance encounter with a then-nascent militant Palestinian group. He talks with Dick Gordon about what it was like to find himself in the middle of an international terrorist incident long before the world was so familiar with terrorism.


When the Dave Brubeck Quartet was at the height of its popularity, 16-year-old Michael Rosen's parents wouldn't lend him the car. But Michael was determined to see his idol play, and he walked 10 miles to get to the club - when he wasn't even of legal age. Inside the club, he met Dave Brubeck who ended up paying for Michael's Cokes. Michael tells Dick about how his meeting with the jazz great altered the course of his life.

  • See a video of The Dave Brubeck Quartet playing their famous hit "Take Five"

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