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January 09, 2009

Remembering Vietnam

As the Bush administration enters its last week, we're already hearing the arguments about America's involvement in Iraq. What was accomplished? Has it been a waste of lives on both sides? It's a familiar argument. These are the same questions still being asked about Vietnam. A few years ago, Craig Ingraham decided to search out some answers of his own, by making a documentary about his close friend Bill Perkins who was killed in Vietnam.

Craig Ingraham and Bill Perkins were living the quintessential Southern California life in the 1960s: going to the beach, making music and chasing girls. But then, to Craig's surprise, Bill signed up for the Marines on a lark. Right before Bill left for boot camp they had a fight over a girl. Craig never got the chance to say goodbye.

Months later Craig heard the news of his friend's death - Bill had jumped on a hand grenade to save his fellow Marines. Craig was proud and angry and confused all at once. Forty years later, Craig has made a documentary about Bill's service and heroism. Craig talks with Dick Gordon about the painful memories he uncovered, and the peace he has finally found.

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