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January 02, 2009

On This Side

Moussa El-Haddad lives in Gaza with his wife. The bombs have fallen as close as 100 meters from his home. Two nights he was sitting at his desk and the reverberations from a nearby bomb knocked him right out of his chair. He tells Dick Gordon about what life is like for him now that his city is under siege, and about the hope that a new U.S. administration might mean new policies in this troubled region.

Anita Tucker lived in a heavily guarded settlement in Gaza for 29 years. But she has since been moved to the Israeli side and is living in temporary housing with the rest of her family, including her 8 grandchildren. Rockets have fallen very close to her home, but the family has no protection since the housing is temporary. She tells Dick about her hope that she can one day go back to Gaza to live in peace with her former neighbors.

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