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February 06, 2009

Rhine Revisited

In 1945, Alfred Klinger was just 17, a first-generation American who wanted to serve his country and in the process, feel something like a hero. He fought and was wounded in World War II.

Fifty-nine years later, Alfred got the idea to return to the place where he'd lost his friends. This time, he was 78 years old, and traveled by bicycle. Alfred talks with Dick Gordon about what it was like to arrive at Remagen. He found the old bridge over the Rhine bombed and broken, but in its place was a peace museum – a moving testament to his experiences and to the friends he lost. Also: Mike Heaney fought in the Vietnam War. And like Alfred Klinger, he wondered for many years what it would be like to go back.


Moonlight Serenade by Henri Pélissier from Piano-Bar Vol. 3 : The Most Beautiful Themes and Adagio for Strings by Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra & Rico Saccani from Rico Saccani - The Budapest Years

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