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March 06, 2009

To Save A Horse

The poor economy is forcing thousands of horse owners to give up their companions and, in some cases, euthanize them. When Diane Branton’s work hours were cut and gas prices rose, she could no longer afford to feed her horses. After 25 years of caring for Poncho and Quervo, Diane had to make a painful call. She asked a horse rescue center to take both horses and euthanize them at a free clinic.

Claire Pass of the Norcal Equine Rescue also joins the conversation. Claire says that although Poncho was euthanized because of poor health, financial help arrived in the nick of time for Quervo and he was reunited with Diane. Dick Gordon talks with Claire, Diane and Cheryl Austin, the woman who volunteered to financially support Quervo for the rest of his life.

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