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April 06, 2009

If You Want A Job

Rick Clark was laid off in January from his job at IBM. Rick was an engineer, working on the manufacturing side. He was shocked by what he heard in his supervisor's office, but not because he was given a pink slip. Rick was given a brochure that suggested he resign his position in the U.S., move to an IBM project in a developing country, and work there at the prevailing local wage. Rick saw that as a slap in the face. He joins Dick Gordon to tell about the day he was laid off and what's next for him.

IBM's spokesperson Douglas Shelton says that Project Match is one of several transition opportunities for laid off employees. "For example, if [laid off employees] want to go into teaching, we can help with that, or into non-profit work, we can help with that. They also have the choice to apply to work [in other positions] for IBM in the US."

In March, Shelton says, IBM gave about 386,000 IBM employees bonuses (virtually everyone in the company) and this year will provide about 250,000 salary increases to its employees excluding executives.

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