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May 08, 2009

Old Tunes For Hard Times

From the recession to healthcare: Across the country, people simply have more worries than they did a couple of years ago. Back in the Great Depression, one thing that was booming was music.

Alison Donahue and Mike Wilhelm perform as the duo Cello Bella. They've discovered that Depression-era songs have a particular appeal for audiences today. The music is cheerful and hopeful and fun. And Alison and Mike aren't just reviving those old songs. They have used the music to turn themselves around as well. Mike took a buyout from Ford. Alison is a classically trained cellist who was not using her skills. They talk with Dick Gordon about how the music of times past is helping them and their Detroit community.

  • Check out Cello Bella's Web site
  • Listen to some of Cello Bella's music
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