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June 08, 2009

At Home In Kabul

At Home In Kabul

Hassina Sherjan lives in Kabul. She was born in Afghanistan, but lived in the U.S. for many years while the country was at war. In 2001, she became one of many Afghan ex-pats who returned to build a new country after the fall of the Taliban. Hassina talks with Dick Gordon about the efforts she has made in education and social entrepreneurship to improve the lives of ordinary Afghans. She also talks about how lonely it can be to have a foot in two worlds, especially when Afghanistan still has so many problems to overcome.

  • Read about about Hassina's social entrepreneurship.


Philadelphia, Miss. has long been infamous as the city where Ku Klux Klan members killed three civil rights workers in 1964. The community has recently elected a new mayor - a black man, the first in the city's history. James A. Young joins Dick to talk about his memories of segregation and his thrill of breaking the color barrier in Philadelphia.


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