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June 03, 2009


a letter with censor
Débora Benchoam’s censored mail to Rabbi Meyer

Lives Of The Prisoners II

Lives Of The Prisoners II

The story of Débora Benchoam is another in our series looking at the effect of prison on people locked away during war. None of us really knows the stories of the men locked away at Guantanamo Bay. They were arrested as terrorists but most have never been charged, and never had a chance to defend themselves. Today Dick Gordon speaks with a woman who spent four and a half years in detention, and she was also never charged with a crime.

Débora Benchoam was a politically active sixteen year old living in Buenos Aires when members of the Argentinian military broke into her home, shot and killed her brother, and took her to prison. She was put in a nine by nine foot cell with three other women. The support of these women inside the prison walls helped keep Débora alive through the terrible conditions and hopelessness.  And it was the work of a rabbi outside the prison walls that finally secured Débora's freedom after four and half years of detention. Débora talks with Dick about surviving Argentina’s “Dirty War,” and her work as a human rights lawyer now.

  • Learn about Duke's Archive for Human Rights.

Surviving Lightning

We're all still wondering what happened to the disappeared plane between France and Brazil. Some have speculated that severe weather, even lightening, could have been the cause. Jack Parrish has been struck by lightening twice while flying on a plane. Jack is one of the "Hurricane Hunters," a meteorologist who works for NOAA trying to learn more about severe weather. Jack says that his specially-equipped plane has been in the midst of lightning several times, and his team has confirmed two hits. Jack talks to Dick about the effort to keep a plane aloft during intense weather.


Plegaria para un niño dormido, performed by Almendra; Pickin' On U2 - A Bluegrass Tribute, from the Pickin' On Series.

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