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June 05, 2009

Memory Of Loss

Memory Of Loss

Sean Nevin didn't have any kind of personal connection with Alzheimer's when he first began writing about memory. He and a fellow poet had an idea to go into assisted care facilities and see if they could use poetry to reconnect Alzheimer's patients to their memories.

His experience led him to explore the loss of memory, loss of language, and loss of self in his own poetry. Then his own grandfather began struggling with dementia, and the things he was writing about started getting too close to home. Poet Sean Nevin talks with Dick Gordon about how writing about memory for his book, "Oblivio Gate," became an obsession that was quite uncomfortable at times.

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Coming Home To Community Theater

The Tony Awards are this weekend, the big event where Broadway's best sweep up the accolades. Jonathan West got bit by the performance bug when he carried a board across the stage in his junior high’s production of Take Me Back Manhattan. He got his real start acting – and reluctantly singing and dancing – in productions at the Sunset Playhouse in Milwaukee, a place that he grew to love. Jonathan left the idea of community theater for a professional career as an actor and director of off-beat plays. But recent circumstances have brought him right back to the Sunset Playhouse as the managing director there. Jonathan talks to Dick about how he’s come full circle and why community theater has an important place in the dramatic arts.

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