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June 01, 2009


a small house with a front porch
David Deal built this house for himself and his family.

Rehabbing Homes And Lives


A new nonprofit is building affordable housing by rehabbing foreclosed and abandoned houses that were slated for landfill. Nancy Murray is the daughter of a developer. She knew that houses that were livable were being demolished regularly. She decided to put her own money into a project with ambitious goals: identify homes, move them, fix them up and sell them at affordable prices. She went even one step further. She hires people down on their luck to work on the new homes.

David Deal met Nancy when she came to the rehab center he was attending to recruit workers for Builders of Hope. David didn't just gain a paycheck. He got back his sense of pride. And eventually, David got moved into one of those new homes: a house he rehabbed himself, complete with a beautiful pink bedroom for his daughter.

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  • Learn more about Builders of Hope.


Native American languages are disappearing at an alarming rate. It's thought that there are about 160 such languages left in the U.S. As many of half those languages could disappear in the next decade.  Helen Roy is trying to keep her native language, Ojibwe, alive. Helen was one of thousands of Native American children who were sent to residential schools to be "civilized." Helen was beaten for speaking Ojibwe. She talks with Dick about the innovative approach she has taken to preserving the language - putting the traditional music to pop songs.

  • Learn more about Helen's teaching and her music

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