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June 19, 2009


diplomas on a wall
Diplomas of the 11 Perez children

A Son, A Dad, And A Treasured Friend

A Son, A Dad, And A Treasured Friend

When the Perez family gathers this weekend in Los Angeles to mark Father's Day, the man who'll be the center of attention is the patriarch Samuel. Samuel and his wife made sure that all eleven of their children went to college. But the name of a Texas farmer, Clarence Martin will likely come up as well. Clarence hired Samuel to work as a farmhand back in the 1950s, and he helped Samuel get a green card.  Samuel and Clarence drifted apart. Years later, Isai Perez took it upon himself to reunite his father with the Clarence Martin. All three men join Dick Gordon to tell the story

Summer Job: Building A Restaurant And A Relationship

Chris Marcum didn’t get to spend a lot of time with his dad growing up. Chris’ father worked long hours, and Chris saw his dad even less after his parents divorced. When Chris was a teenager, he started to resent the absence of father-son bonding and didn’t expect to have much of a relationship with his dad. So when Chris was in college, he was a bit surprised to get a call from his father asking for help building a restaurant. Chris talks about working one entire summer side by side with this dad, and how restoring an old building helped bring their relationship back to life too.


Nebbi a la valle and John Barleycorn performed by Franco Morone for the album Italian Fingerstyle Guitar; Father and Son performed by Cat Stevens for the album The Very Best of Cat Stevens.

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