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June 18, 2009

Two Women, One Big Job

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Two Women, One Big Job

Anna Millar and Meghan Gosk see what's happening in the economy. Times are tough for workers. And that news makes them appreciate even more what they have. The two share a job. But it hasn't always been easy. Anna was on the fast track for a big firm and after she had her first child she really felt the frustration of not being home. She did stay home, but found that full time mommy-hood was not a perfect fit either. When she got a full-time job at a university, she noticed that she worked really well with another mom, Meghan Gosk.

The two hatched a business proposal which would allow them to share their job and each work part time. They used their business school background to write up a detailed plan, and then managed to convince their boss. The two talk with Dick Gordon about just how the arrangement works.

When Enough Is Enough

President Obama has been on the road talking about potential changes in health care. We are also talking about changes in health care - from the bottom up. Yesterday Dick spoke with a nurse who is using new technology to help patients after they leave the hospital. Today Dick speaks with Bill Mazzocco. Bill Mazzocco was a nurse who was fed up with not having the power to help his patients the way he wanted to. So he became a physician assistant and was on track to go to medical school. But a conversation with his daughter persuaded him not to go back to school again. She reminded Bill he was already helping people doing the work he was doing. When Bill became a patient himself, he realized how true his daughter's words were true.


"That's Cool" performed by Al Hamme and the Swing Street Jazztet for the album Potpourri

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