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August 13, 2009

David To Darlene

Darlene Fike was born David. Her parents dressed her as a boy and gave her boy toys. But since she was a baby, Darlene has known she was a girl.

Darlene's father beat her as a child whenever he thought she behaved like a girl. So Darlene decided she would pretend to be a boy, and keep the girl inside secret for her whole life. She married a woman, had a son, even became a pilot in the Air Force. Marriage failed to make her a man, and so did the military. By the time she reached her late fifties the secret was tearing her apart. So Darlene told her wife, and then their son.

The truth has cost her dearly, but Darlene says she has found peace for the first time ever. Janet Babin talks to Darlene about a lifetime of denial, and finally acceptance after her gender reassignment surgery.

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