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August 03, 2009

Rights Beyond Marriage

Rights Beyond Marriage

Several states have recently passed gay marriage and civil union legislation, but many gay couples still struggle with policies that don't allow visitation in hospitals.

Janice Langbehn's family was on an anniversary cruise off the coast of Florida went things went terribly wrong. Her partner Lisa Pond collapsed of an aneurysm. Janice Langbehn says the hospital staff refused to allow her and their three children to see Lisa as she was dying. The hospital denies that sexual orientation had anything to do with what happened, and this was part of standard procedure at the trauma unit, where visitor access is often limited.

Janice talks with Janet Babin about what happened and why she's filed a lawsuit.

Dedicated To The Proposition: Freedom Summer

This week, we're listening back to the special series we aired around the time of the inauguration.

In 1964, Bob Moses led an effort to bring 1000 mostly-white volunteers to Mississippi. Their job was to register African American voters and teach them about their civil rights through "freedom schools." Just before the project began, three volunteers disappeared - and were later found dead. Bob and one of the volunteers, Wally Roberts, talk to Dick Gordon what that summer meant to them.

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