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August 06, 2009

Urban Farmer

Urban Farmer

With the tough economy and worries about food safety, victory gardens and backyard chickens are making a comeback across American cities and suburbs. Novella Carpenter has been digging in the dirt longer than most. She grew up in rural Idaho and Washington State, the daughter of hippie homesteaders. As an adult, Novella yearned for the farm life, but not the isolation of country living. So she's become an urban farmer.

For the past six years she's grown veggies and raised animals in an empty lot next to her apartment building near downtown Oakland California. Janet Babin talks to Novella about the joys and pitfalls of self-sufficiency, adventures in raising turkeys, and embracing her identity as an unconventional farmer.

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White House Interns

All this week we are listening back to many of the stories we originally aired during the time of the Presidential inauguration. Today: the inside story of a presidential transition. Linda and John Unland met in the summer of 1974, when they were White House summer interns for President Nixon. What they didn’t know was that Nixon would resign that summer, and they would be there to see his historical resignation and the swearing in of President Gerald Ford.

Linda and John speak with Dick Gordon about witnessing the transition between two different presidencies and their experiences as young people in the White House. This story originally aired on January 26, 2009.

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