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September 28, 2009

Another Look At 'Clean' Energy

The natural gas industry is having a moment in the sun. Domestic energy advocates like T. Boone Pickens are calling it the cleanest, cheapest, most abundant fuel we have. Natural gas rigs have long been part of the landscape in the West. Now gas companies are looking to drill on a large section of land in the Northeast.

Josh Fox first heard about this when he received mail from gas companies wanting a lease on his land. Josh is a filmmaker who lives in upstate Pennsylvania. The more he learned about how natural gas is extracted, the more worried he became about its effect on people's health, the environment, and in particular, the water. He talks with Dick Gordon about how he traveled to states like Wyoming, Colorado and Texas to see the effect of drilling there, and what he's doing to warn people back home.

  • Find out more about Josh's film, Gasland
  • Find out more about how natural gas is obtained

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