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September 25, 2009

Memories Of '48

This week President Obama joined a long line of American presidents who’ve joined the effort to find a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That region has been fought over for millennia, but it was in the war of 1948 that many of the battle lines were drawn. 

Two men who were there at the time were Mohammed Daoud and Izzie Weinzweig. Mohammed grew up in a small Palestinian village, and was a young father when Israel declared independence. Mohammed was not a fighter, but he took up arms to defend his town, and eventually fled with his family. He returned decades later to find Jewish refugees living in his family's old house. Izzie was born into a family of active Zionists in Toronto. He got involved with smuggling guns to Palestine when he was a teenager. In 1948, Izzie smuggled himself into Palestine to fight for the state of Israel. 

Mohammed and Izzie talk with Dick Gordon about what they were fighting for more than six decades ago, and how they look back on that time now.

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