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October 21, 2009

Love And Race Relations

Alan Kaplan teaches history at a public high school in Los Angeles. He talks a lot about race in America, the history of slavery and civil rights. Ten years ago, that talk got Alan into trouble.  A group of black parents claimed he was a racist. They called Erin Aubry, a reporter who wrote about race issues, and she was eager to investigate. When she finally landed an interview with Alan, they talked for over five hours. Erin's article explored the complexity of race relations at the high school, but cleared Alan of racism charges. Soon after, the black reporter and white teacher were flirting with each other, and an unlikely romance began. Within a year and a half the two were married. As an interracial couple, Erin and Alan don't claim to have solved America's race issues - grappling with race relations is actually a big part of their marriage.

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