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October 13, 2009

Nuclear Ambitions

Iran will allow international inspectors to visit Tehran later this month.  They will visit the country's newly exposed nuclear facility. But who are the people behind Iran's nuclear fuel program?

Today Dick Gordon talks with Ehsan Samei. Ehsan is a U.S. citizen, a professor at Duke University. But during his college days, he attended university in Tehran with some of Iran's brightest scientists. While he chose nuclear medicine, some of his classmates were recruited by the Iranian military to build a rocket. Ehsan talks with Dick about his home country's nuclear ambitions.

  • Learn more about Ehsan's work and music
  • Music in this story: Petrushka: First Tableau: The Mountebank (Flute solo) performed by Philharmonia Orchestra & Robert Craft for the album Stravinsky: The Firebird

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