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October 27, 2009

The Search For Codex Cordona

Arnold Bauer has been hunting a cultural treasure, a Mexican "painted book," for decades.

Arnold first saw the Codex Cardona in 1985 in the Crocker Nuclear Laboratory at the University of California, Davis, where scholars from Stanford and the University of California were attempting to establish its authenticity. Allowed to gently lift a few pages of this 500-year-old treasure, Bauer was hooked. By 1986, the Codex had disappeared from public view. Bauer's curiosity about the Codex and its whereabouts led him down many forking paths, from California to Seville and Mexico City, to the Firestone Library in Princeton, to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and Christie's in New York, and it brought him into contact with an international cast of curators, agents, charlatans, and erudite book dealers. He joins Dick to tell about his passion for the Codex Cardona.

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