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November 20, 2009

The Affair(S)


A new study is out saying young married people are much more likely to have affairs than they were 15 years ago. Today Dick Gordon talks with a woman named Angela, who says she's had several affairs. She's developed her own set of rules for successfully carrying off infidelity. And though she's thought it all through in therapy, Angie says she doesn't feel guilty. She says the experience taught her a lot about herself, and it has actually made her a better wife. But that doesn't mean she's proud of what she's done.



Buzz Ridl was the coach of his time. He took little Westminster College in Pennsylvania to the national title 50 years ago this year. In fact, there is an event this weekend at Westminster, where many of the players are gathering to remember Coach Buzz Ridl. 

The coach’s son, Jack, is now a poet. He remembers that national championship, and he remembers the agony of sitting behind the bench, watching his dad try to win. Jack has recently published an entire book of poems that were inspired by his memories of basketball, his father, and the fans. It's called Losing Season.

  • Watch a clip of the 1960 championship game, courtesy of the NAIA
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