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November 03, 2009

Since The Election


It was a year ago this week when Americans went to the polls and elected Barack Obama as the first African American president of the United States. 

Curt Moody knows that the election of a black man to the highest office in the land is a pivotal next step for the country. Curt faced an uphill struggle trying to gain legitimacy as an architect. He didn't know any black architects when he was a kid, and he has faced specific examples of racism throughout his career. Early on, Curt was surprised to have to convince people even in his own community that a black architect could be every bit as good as a white one. But earlier this summer, Curt won the competition to design a major new museum: The International African American Museum in Charleston, S.C. He joins Dick Gordon to talk about race and architecture.



Margo Massoud Marver has heard the series of stories we call "Your Story" and she decided to write about the one time in her life she will never forget. She was leaving war-torn Lebanon for a much needed vacation in Egypt when her grandmother gave her the name of a long lost cousin to try to find in Cairo - no number, just a name. Margo reluctantly took the name, and then unwittingly ended up at the office of the very cousin she had been asked to find. She joins Dick Gordon to tell her story.

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