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November 16, 2009

Growing The Medicine


New Mexico is one of 14 states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana. And New Mexico is taking it one step further than the rest - the state is licensing providers to grow and distribute marijuana to patients. 

One of the first to be awarded the new license is Len Goodman, a Santa Fe businessman. His newly-minted non-profit is called New MexiCann Natural Medicine. Len was a beatnik and a hippie who went to New Mexico over 40 years ago to join a commune near Taos. He's smoked plenty of pot over the years, but now he's figuring out how to grow, and sell it legally to patients around the state. Len talks to Dick Gordon about his unusual business plan, and how he was converted to the cause of medical marijuana by the patients he's met along the way.

  • Visit the New MexiCann Web site


Josh Fruhlinger worked for a technology startup during the tech bubble of the late-90s and early part of this decade. Back then, he says getting laid off was actually a relief to some workers. As he tells Dick, Josh is sensing similar feelings during today's recession. At least you know your fate, compared to the uncertainty of staying at a company you know is going under. 

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