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November 25, 2009

Touchdown In Texas


In the new movie "The Blind Side," a young black man is nurtured by a mother figure who helps him get on his feet and eventually reach the NFL. But for every Hollywood happy ending, there are thousands of young football players who struggle to succeed on and off the field. Daederick Ford is a high school senior from Houston's Wheatley High. He has lived with his mom, his dad, his grandfather, and for a short time at the local park. Despite not having a steady home, Daederick is hoping that the college scouts will give him a look. He joins Dick Gordon to talk about his hopes and dreams for football, college and self-sufficiency.



You know we often turn the second half of the show over to you. We like to hear the stories that are the most remarkable in your life. And today, as many of you are driving to holiday destinations, we thought it was a perfect time to listen back to this story. Chuck Walkley returned from Vietnam with a serious injury and no idea how to move forward with his life. When he got out of the hospital, he decided to hitchhike home to surprise his mother. He quickly was picked up by a state trooper. Chuck was transferred from one state trooper's car to another, through three states, until finally, sirens blaring and lights blazing, he was dropped off at his mother's door. That kindness inspired Chuck to spend the next two decades of his life as a police officer. This story originally aired on June 12, 2009.

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