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December 02, 2009

Double Life, One Mission

Double Life, One Mission

The FBI has released its latest Hate Crime Statistics report. There has been an eight percent jump in anti-black incidents across the nation. One of the groups that monitors such crimes, The Southern Poverty Law Center, says the increase is linked to the election of President Barack Obama.

Rosemary Stewart-Stafford says she knows just how real and dangerous white supremacist groups can be. She infiltrated several of them, at first out of curiosity. Her cover was eventually blown publicly at an extremist convention. Rosemary now lives in isolation, out of concern for her safety. She tells Dick Gordon why she feels that her undercover work was worth the sacrifice and how her findings helped the FBI better understand hate groups in America.


Meeting The Monks

There is a rebirth of sorts happening in Utica, NY. Hundreds of refugees from war zones all over the world are being resettled in the old mill town, bringing it back to life. U Agga Nya is a Buddhist Monk from Burma. Like thousands of other Burmese Monks, he took to the streets of Rangoon two years ago to protest the military regime. Within weeks of the marches, his monastery was raided in the middle of the night by soldiers, and he fled the city, landing eventually in Utica. U Agga Nya has become friends with locals Al and Diane Schnier. Al is in the popular jam band Moe, and his wife is a musician too. With their two kids, the Schniers have been introducing U Agga to American culture. All three join Dick to talk about Burma, and their budding friendship.

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