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December 01, 2009

Health Care Coverage For Some

Health Care Coverage For Some

One small but important part of the health care debate currently happening in Washington is about coverage for mental health issues. People who turn to their health insurance company for coverage of mental illness are often surprised to learn that benefits can be hard to get.

Susan Schoenmarklin has been through this with her son, Davis. Davis struggled with his behavior for years. It began with defiance and biting. Soon, an 8-year-old Davis was carted away by police, in handcuffs. But when Davis' problem became a physical one (doctors figured out his brain was malformed), Susan's experience in "the system" became a vastly different one. Dick Gordon talks with Susan about her journey through the insurance maze to find and pay for mental health care for her child.

Skipping Lilies

Among the businesses hoping for good news this holiday season are the brother and sister team of Eric and Kristin Wornson. They run their own jewelry business in Minneapolis. After graduating from college and working a few odd jobs, they both came home to live with their parents for a year. They decided to go into business together. Kristin and Eric moved in together and started "Skipping Lilies," a jewelry company that uses pressed flowers and stained glass. Kristin and Eric talk to Dick about working out the business kinks, while striving to maintain their artistry and lifestyle, all while living and working together 24/7.

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